Rice University Student Health and Wellness Center | William Marsh Rice University, Houston, Texas

Serving as both a treatment and educational center, the design scheme differentiates the functions physically while reinforcing the interconnectedness through an exposed concrete tee system with transmission of natural light throughout

For this project, the interior finishes and partitions of an existing building on the Rice University campus were removed and a new dual-function health center was inserted. Servicing students, the health clinic and wellness center are both a treatment and educational center.

This dual program led RHA to pursue a scheme that split the functions into separate wings organized around a central shared entrance and conference area. Material selections, color palettes and lighting schemes were used to differentiate the two functions. In contrast, to reinforce the interconnectedness of the two functions and identify the circulation paths, the exposed concrete tee system extends the entire length of the interiors. Ceilings with indirect lighting were dropped below the tees to identify specific functions within. Transparent and translucent glass doors and clerestories were used to accommodate the transmission of natural light throughout.

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